How to: DRZ Off Road LED Fog light installation and overview

The 5th generation 4Runners is the coolest SUV out there, in our opinion. With its mean front end and off road capability it definitely stands out among the competition. There is one thing, however, that Toyota doesn't have quite right and that is the lighting. It's 2018 (at the time of writing this post at least) and the 4Runner is still factory equipped with halogen lighting. This is just not acceptable. Which is why we, at DRZ Off Road, have decided to find the perfect LED swaps for your 4Runner starting with the Fog Lights. 


At first glance, the DRZ Off Road LED fog lights are almost identical to the factory halogen fog lights. Same shape, same size, even the same red, rubber, seal ring. But there is one large difference and that is the light output. The factory halogen lights are somewhere in between white and yellow and are also quite dull. While the DRZ Off Road LED Fog lights emit a super bright, super white, beam. 

 Toyota 4Runner LED Fog Light Compare

The DRZ Off Road LED Fog lights are made of heat-sinking aluminum, to make sure that the bulbs and your fog light housing stay cool. They feature 3 rows of 3 super bright 3030 LED chips creating a full 360 degrees of light coverage. 

 Toyota 4Runner LED Fog Light Halogen

It should also be noted that although these LED lights are brighter than factory halogen bulbs, they aren't brighter by much. This is not by mistake. Fog lights are shaped to project light in a flood like fashion, similar to hi-beam lights and not like low beam lights. The DRZ Off Road LED Fog lights are bright, but not too bright as to blind oncoming traffic. 



Difficulty - EasyTime Required - 30 Minutes

You will need:

  • A set of DRZ Off Road LED lights (

  • Either a Philips head screwdriver OR a 10mm wrench/ratchet 
  • A plastic pry tool set (optional) a flat head screwdriver will also work
  • Gloves (optional)

    Step 1:

     Toyota 4Runner Wheels turned away for installating

    Turn your wheels away from the fog light you are swapping out. This allows for more room to push the wheel well lining back and access the fog lights.

    Step 2:

     Toyota 4Runner Wheel Well

    Use the 10mm wrench/ratchet or the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the three screws on the front part of the wheel well. Then remove the two closest screws to the wheel on the bottom of the front fender. Removing these 5 screws will detach the front part of the wheel well from the fender. Use plastic pry tools, or a flat head screwdriver, to help pop out the tabs holding the wheel well to the fender and push the plastic back behind the wheel. 


     2014 Toyota 4Runner Products

    Step 3:

     Toyota 4Runner LED Fog Light

    You now have access to the fog light. Reach in and push the plastic tab on the fog light connector to release the connector from the bulb. Pull the connector off and tuck it up out of the way. Remove the fog light by turning it counterclockwise and pulling it out. Now, take your new LED fog light set and insert it the same way the halogen bulb was removed in reverse. Start it at the 4 o'clock position and turn it clockwise to lock it in place. Reconnect the connector and your new LED fog lights are installed!

     Toyota 4Runner LED

    Before putting the wheel well back in place, turn your 4Runner on and test the new fog light to make sure you have it connected all the way. 

     4Runner LED Fog

    Then just put the wheel well liner back in place, insert the 5 screws that were originally removed, and BAM your in business. 

     4Runner LED Fog Lights

    Now your Toyota 4Runner will stand out among all the others with is bright white LED fog lights!