How to: Toyota 4Runner DRL Disable

DRL Disable Mod

The 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner has an interesting headlight feature, high beams doubled as daytime running lights. This is done by sending less power to the high beams, still putting out a flood beam but at much less intensity than high beams. When used with halogen lighting this feature works great! But when swapping the halogens out for LEDs, it doesn't work quite as well. LED chips are unable to put out partial light and are not dimmable. This usually causes flickering. 


When using an LED High Beam bulb it is best to just disable the DRL (Day Time Running Lights). In this tutorial, we will show how to do this. 

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time Required: 5 Minutes
Tools Required: Needle Nose Pliers


Step 1:

Pop the hood and locate the Fuse & Relay Box


Step 2:

Locate and remove the headlight relay

Step 3:

Use needle-nose pliers to bend the 5th pin (second to last) up and out of the way.

Replace the pin, fuse box cover, and you're set!

No matter what position your headlight knob is in, the DRLs will no longer turn on. This will not affect any of the other lights. 

Thank you to @Saker on for discovering this modification.