The Best Headlights for Your Toyota 4Runner


The Best Headlights for Your Toyota 4Runner

              Everyone knows that Toyota does great things for their vehicles, with 4Runners and Tacomas that will last for years without any issues. But, one necessity they do not do very well in is their headlights and fog lights. Toyota uses halogen headlights for their 4Runners, which works by heating up a filament in the bulb to produce light. They are cheap to produce and provide a soft, warm yellow light. These headlights are not enough for anyone who loves their 4Runner. DRZ Offroad headlights and fog lights are the best aftermarket parts for your 4th or 5th generation 4Runner. With an amazing crystal white light and a bulb that actually is supposed to fit your 4Runner, DRZ Offroad is the place to go.


Yes Gentlemen, Size Does Matter

              DRZ Offroad reengineered the typical LED headlight for your 4Runner. Typical LED headlights are made to be a “One Size Fits All” for most cars. Toyota 4Runners are the exception. The housing of the 4Runner headlight simply does not allow for any normal LED headlight to fit and work well. The low beam headlight housing is sphere of reflectors at a 45 degree angle that allow light to be bounced off every side. Halogen bulbs were made for the the bulb is clear and allow light to pass through without obstructing it. However, normal LEDs are mostly over 2 cm wide! They obstruct the light, creating a beam that can sometimes be even weaker than the halogen! But DRZ Offroad has created a 4Runner headlight bulb so small that it allows for a much brighter output of light than a halogen or LED light. But more on that later.


1-The headlight projector of the 4Runner is built at a 45° angle. I’m not sure why but we gotta make do with it. The projector was made for a stock halogen, and the bulb allows the light to pass through it because it is clear. The light output is a warm light, and is simply not enough for any person who loves their vehicle. 

2-DRZ Offroad’s LED bulb produces a bright white light, and because of the size of the head, 5mm, and the 4 sides that light projects from, it works the same way the stock bulb does, while producing a brighter light.

3-On the other hand, many standard LED headlight have a wide bulb (+2cm) with two or three sides of light. The bulb blocks most of the light produced by itself, creating a dimmer, uneven light that can be even worse than the stock halogen bulb. What’s the point of buying a new LED bulb if it does not even work for your vehicle?


Hey There, Little Guy

              The DRZ Offroad low beam headlight was created just for your 4th or 5th generation Toyota 4Runner. With the size coming in at 5 millimeters, this LED headlight bulb is perfect for your truck. It is completely “plug and play”, meaning that you can pop out the dull yellow headlights and put the in the crystal white bright LED bulbs. These bulbs are made to fit every trim and every model of 4Runners from 2003 to 2019. It is a 12 volts and 20 watts bulb, and it produces a color at 6500 Kelvin. This gives the headlight its bright white glow, enhancing your vision and look of the vehicle. It also packs a punch of 10,000 lumen flux, with an operating life of +3,000 hours. This low beam headlight bulb is perfect for your 4Runner. With a beautiful crystal white light and a small, but strong, bulb, this LED headlight can make any 4Runner better.  


The Major Glow Up

              High beam headlights are a must for those who venture off the asphalt. DRZ Offroad high beam LED headlights are the great addition to our low beam set. They create the same crystal white light, albeit much brighter. They share the same specs as the low beam, working with all trims and models of 4Runners from 2003 and are “plug and play”. They work at 12 volts and 20 watts, producing a 6500 Kelvin light. It also shares a 10,000 lumen flux and a similar operating life. These LED bulbs, combined with the low beam, will make your 4Runner stand out from the crowd, if you can even see it with those bright lights in the way.  


A Little Fog Ain’t Hurt Nobody

              An annoying damper on anyone’s day is fog. Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, fog can just kind of show up. Always be prepared. DRZ Offroad can get your 4Runner prepared easily with its “plug and play” LED fog light set. Sharing some of the same features as the other LED lights, they work on the same trims and model years as the low and high beam LEDs. The 5th generation models are also working off of 12 volts and produce the same 6500 Kelvin crystal white light. They work off 5 watts per each bulb and produce 1,000 lumens. They have SMD chip assembly with a built in resistor. The 4th generation models come in either crystal white or amber, with their color being 6000 Kelvin or 3000 Kelvin, respectively. They work off of 12 volts and 12 watts per bulb and produce a light of 2,400 lumen flux. They are given a life of 10,000 hours of use. These LED lights can lead you safely no matter if it’s on an empty street or the densest of forests.

DRZ OFFROAD LED FOG LIGHTS (Left) vs. Stock Halogen (Right)


You Have Found Your New LED Headlights

              DRZ Offroad has LED headlights designed specifically for your 4Runner. With each light sharing the same bright white color, your truck will be sure to stand out against the rest. Our lights produce a bright light that outshines your halogen and the competition.