Sway Bar Links
Sway Bar Links
Sway Bar Links
Sway Bar Links
Sway Bar Links
Sway Bar Links
Sway Bar Links
Sway Bar Links
Sway Bar Links
Sway Bar Links
Sway Bar Links

Sway Bar Links

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Toyota Sway Bar Links

Restore your suspension, ride quality, handling, and off road capability after lifting your Toyota by installing these custom made sway bar links!


Your Toyota's suspension was built to perform best at the stock level........
wait... hold up.... is that right?!!! Yeah, that's right! Although lifting or leveling it will increase clearance, it will mess with the geometry and articulation of your suspension. Take this photo for example. 

Toyota 4Runner sway bar links

This is a photo of a 4th gen 4Runner that has recently been lifted but still has its stock sway bar link. Originally, this link ran directly up and down, but once it was lifted, it pushed the chassis of the 4Runner up, and the wheels down. This new distance that we all usually strive for, has caused the link to become all cock-eyed.

aftermarket toyota 4runner sway bar links 

Photos from Anton's Build Thread


See the difference?

So what are sway bars and sway bar links?

We're glad you asked :)Basically, the sway bar keeps the vehicle from swaying. When going around a turn, the inside wheels lift from the ground while the outside wheels are pressed harder to the ground. Naturally, this causes the vehicle to lean to the outside of the turn. The sway bar (which connects the two wheels) also acts as a torsion spring, which means it resists twisting. When one of the wheels has lift or less pressure on it, the sway bar helps keep the vehicle level by lifting the opposite side. The sway bar links are what provide that upward or downward force to keep the vehicle level. This ultimately provides a smoother, more comfortable, and safer ride. 

Keeping your OEM sway bar links after lifting or leveling your Toyota ultimately just messes this all up. The stock geometry and articulation are altered which makes for a lesser ride quality. So get yourself some Sway Bar Links and restore that ride!


Technical Specs:

  • Compatible Vehicle Makes - Toyota
  • Compatible Vehicle Models: (Photo is of 5th Gen 4Runner Links, other models may appear different)
    • 3rd Gen 4runner (all trim)
    • 4th Gen 4runner (all trim)
    • 5th Gen 4runner (non-KDSS)
    • 1st Gen Tacoma (all trim)
    • 2nd Gen Tacoma (all trim)
    • 3rd Gen Tacoma (non-KDSS)
    • FJ Cruiser (all trim)
    • 1st Gen Tundra (all trim)
  • Material:
    • 4130 Heat-treated Chromoly Heim joints (hard chrome plated)
    • Carbon steel hex tube (yellow zinc plated)
    • B7 Studs (rated at 150,000 PSI)
    • Polyurethane bushings
    • All Grade 8 hardware
  • Length:
    • Front - 1" longer than OEM 
      • Except double heim joints (
    • Rear - 1" longer than OEM length, adjustable up to 1" safely. This will accommodate up to a 4" lift in the rear.
  • Quantity - 2 or 4 total sway bar links and all needed hardware depending on the option selected (Front only/Front and Back/Rear only)
  • Assembled in the U.S.A




Orders will be shipped in 1-3 business days.